Villa Podere Pilar and Grotta Giusti Tuscany SPA

Villa Podere Pilar and Grotta Giusti Tuscany SPA

Our farmhouse, located on the hills of Montalbano, in the municipality of Monsummano Terme, offers the view, towards the west, the perfect architecture of Montevettolini, where the villa that was the ancient residence of the Medici family of Florence stands out for its grandeur.

The landscape widens towards the south on the plain where the vast area of ​​the Padule di Fucecchio stands out, a humid oasis that invites many species of water birds to park.
In the vicinity of our farmhouse, about 3.5 km away, there is the renowned Grotta Giusti Tuscany resort which offers a refined stay and spa treatments in the SPA .

SPA Treatments

The spa treatments are accessible to anyone who needs them and for our Agriturismo Podere Pilar there are agreements with a 10% discount on the prices that are applied.
The Giusti thermal cave (so named in honor of the poet Giuseppe Giusti born in Monsummano Terme in 1809) is the largest in Europe, in the millennial cavities of a volcano, still intact, which extends for over two hundred meters.

The cave has three areas called Paradiso, Purgatorio and Inferno, with temperatures ranging from 28 ° to 34 ° C. The vapor given off is recommended for therapeutic purposes.
The environment is spectacular for the wealth of stalactites and stalagmites, underground labyrinths with spacious caves.
At the bottom of the cave is Limbo, a crystalline mirror of hot thermal waters, with a constant temperature, in winter and summer, of 36ºC.
It is well known that thermal therapies with applications of mature thermal mud and immersions in thermal water bring renewed and lasting benefits to the body.

Everyone can also take advantage of the treatments in agreement with the National Health Service, freely choosing the spa.
The agreement concerns a cycle of 12 treatments.

To take advantage of the agreement, it is sufficient to submit a request from the general practitioner with the exact indication of the pathology and the related cycle of treatment according to the following table. The ticket will be paid directly at the spa.

The stay at our Podere Pilar farmhouse can also be an opportunity to enjoy the naturalistic privileges of the thermal cave by combining the beneficial effects of spa treatments, facilitated by the proximity of our Villa to the SPA.

February 2020