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 podere pilar proprietari

The artist Giuseppe Gioffrè and his wife Laura open the doors of their Tuscan farmhouse “Podere Pilar” to every form of art, in particular painting, that they love to enjoy together with their colleagues, young artists or simply lovers of art, in the maost picturesque corners of their property.
Easels are put at the disposition of any interested guests.
Here in Tuscany art and tourism go hand in hand, every view, every corner, every small rural or historical hamlet is art in itself.
Living as he now does, in close connection with nature and the local land farmers has brought him to reconsider mankind. It is for this motive that recently he has written and published a small book in which he invites the readers to reflect the sense of life in the prospect of a concret belonging of humans to their earthly habitat. The title of the book is methaphoric:“un anno in compagnia del porco marginale” Actuality, subtleties, deviations and absurdities of our times as seen by a marginal pig.

In January 2022 he published another book entitled “Looking at the Perseids” where his articles from 2011 to today are collected, also readable on his blog “”. a ten-year journey around experiences, reflections, facts and events in the fleetingness of time. The book in digital and printed versions was published on Amazon.

All this is part of the Podere Pilar farmhouse in Tuscany …

For a complete view of the works, visit the painter’s website :  which contains the most significant paintings since his early years of artistic activity.

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