An holiday house between nature and art in Montevettolini

The  tuscan farmhouse Podere Pilar is located in the hills of the southern ridge of Montalbano, in the Municipality of Monsummano Terme, in front of the medieval village of Montevettolini, at an altitude of about 200 meters.

In this protected area nature and art meet in their peculiar beauties. The village keeps intact the atmosphere of other times not altered by the good restorations of the buildings. It can be accessed by car, except for the period from 30 April to 30 September, when it is allowed only for residents.

Convenient parking spaces are only 200 meters away from the square which can be reached along the stone road from the east side of the town. On the left flanks the mighty structure of the Medici Villa surrounded by century-old holm oak trees, on the right a shady garden and, therefore, the parish church and the apse of the church dedicated to the saints Lorenzo and Michele Arcangelo.

Entering the square, through the door of the bell tower, you come across ancient and silent buildings that surround the church portico. In it you can admire altarpieces, paintings of the ‘500 and a wooden crucifix of the fourteenth century, of rare beauty, very revered among the population.

Access to the Medici villa is from the south, at the entrance to the town, through a gate on the side of the provincial road and a long shady path under age-old holm oaks; however it is private and it is not even possible to visit the rooms where works of art of great value are collected.

Montevettolini is located on a hill from which one can admire the Tuscan territory, to the north the ridge of Montalbano, with the beautiful hill of Monsummano, towards Pistoia, to the east the hilltop villages of Cecina and Larciano Castello, and the Apennine ridge towards Florence; to the south the open and inhabited plain, the Padule of Fucecchio and in the distance San Miniato with the two towers; to the west the plain towards Pisa, Lucca, the Apuan Alps.

The village of Montevettolini is 520 meters away from the agriturismo Podere Pilar, about 800 meters along the Bronzuoli municipal road.

Our guests will appreciate visiting it and also the small church Madonna della Neve, which is found at the intersection of the municipal road and the provincial road, where there is a fresco depicting the Madonna and Child, attributed to the school of Leonardo da Vinci.

The path is short, comfortable and relaxing, among olive groves and wide panoramic views.

11 March 2019