a very special holiday house in Tuscany

Montevettolini Painting

Pilar is the name that the Argentine-Italian buyers gave to the farm in the early 1980s. When my wife and I bought it we liked to keep the name and also that statue of the Madonna del Pilar which is located in a central niche on the front of the house.

When we started the farm activity it seemed nice to call it Agriturismo Podere Pilar.

Maintaining that name seemed to us almost to continue the tradition of the old owners who owned a large rancho in Argentina that bore the same name and that from so far had brought the statuette of the black Madonna particularly revered in Zaragoza, Spain and in the entire continent of Latin America.

This farm is located in the province of Pistoia
Along the hilly direction of Montalbano that goes from Carmignano in the province of Prato to Serravalle Pistoiese.

The territory of Montalbano in Tuscany divides the area that faces south, influenced by the Tyrrhenian Sea, maintaining a Mediterranean climate, from the area that faces the Apennines to the north, with a more continental climate.

From the Agriturismo Podere Pilar, situated on the hills of Montalbano, you can enjoy a very interesting and beautiful panorama: if we look to the east we can see the Apennine ridge of Tuscany, towards Florence; to the south is the plain up to San Miniato, from Pisa; to the south-west the marsh of Fucecchio, the hills near Livorno; to the west, just 500 meters from the medieval village of Montevettolini, with a perfect design, which overlooks olive groves and where the Medici Villa stands out, one of the numerous residences of the Medici dynasty. Beyond, to the west, you can see the town of Montecarlo di Lucca, where excellent wine is produced; further away you can see the Apuan Alps, in the province of Massa and Carrara.

How to reach Podere Pilar
To reach Villa Pilar by car, take the Montecatini Terme exit of the A11 motorway towards Monsummano. Continue towards Montevettolini and continue along Via dei Bronzoli for around 500 meters along the side of the church of the Madonna della Neve. On the left you will find the farm sign and the private road. You’re there.

The Podere Pilar farmhouse has the advantage of being in that area of ​​Tuscany where the Renaissance and the art found greater development and in which the testimonies are spread wherever one wants to go, on foot, by bike or by car, with excursions also of a few hours.

A very special Holiday House  in Tuscany.

February 2019